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We believe in the value and values of mentoring

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Big Brothers Big Sisters Langley is located at

#201 - 20538 Fraser Highway

Langley, BC V3A 4G2


Phone: 604-530-5055

Fax: 604-530-1090

Mail: Box 3052, Langley, BC V3A 4R3

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Web Profile Pic_Charlene

Mentoring Coordinator


"My favourite part of my job is interviewing children because they are so funny. Sometimes it is like "Kids Say the Darndest Things" and often brings humor to my day! I like drinking coffee at work but drink it so slowly I have to warm it up at least 2 to 3 times before I finish a cup. I feel inspired when I think about the difference we are making in children's lives through our programs at BBBSL."

Web Profile Pic_Cindy 2016

Mentoring Coordinator



"My favourite part of my job is getting to know our BBBSL families and volunteers, as well as hearing all the positive feedback from the participants in our matches! So when I'm not 'saving the world' one match at a time here, I enjoy spending time in the sunshine, hiking in summertime and sipping on a good cup of coffee. I am inspired in my work by a natural desire that I have to make a positive difference in children's lives."

 Web Profile Pic_Danielle

Mentoring Coordinator



"I am thrilled to be part of the BBBSL team. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know the children, families, and volunteers in our programs! I am encouraged when I see and hear how volunteers go above and beyond in their matches and truly make a difference in children’s lives. I believe in the value of mentoring and the impact it can have on a child. It is a delight to work with an organization and team that is committed to investing in children, encouraging families, building healthy schools and enriching the community!"


Web Profile Pic_Leanne

Communications & Administrative Assistant



"I am very happy to be a part of BBBSL.  I was born and raised in Langley so I’m excited to be a part of an organization that gives back to the community I’ve spent most of my life in.  I believe that mentoring can make a very large impact on a child’s life and help improve their confidence, self-esteem, and overall life skills.  I feel that BBBSL is a vital piece in helping create a community that fosters empathy and harmony and I’m so pleased to be a member of such an amazing team."

Web Profile Pic_Roslyn 2016

Executive Director



"My favourite thing about my job is talking to the kids and volunteers at the completion of our group programs. These are truly amazing programs and I love to hear how they are helping kids become more active, confident and self-aware. I'm inspired by a quote from Dr. Seuss, 'Today I shall behave, as if this is the day I will be remembered'."

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