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Canucks Game

"To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank both Big Sisters and the donor of the Canucks tickets for the chance to attend a game. My little sister, Taylor, and I had the best time ever! Both of us are huge Canucks fans, but have never had the chance to attend a game together. For Taylor this was her very first time seeing a live NHL game.

Both proudly clad in our Canucks jerseys, Tay and I were lucky enough to catch the unveiling of the new Roger’s statue in front of the arena before we headed to our club seats. We were sure to arrive extra early so that we wouldn’t miss a single second of the experience. We went right down to the glass to watch warm up; this is where Taylor perfected her paparazzi skills and where I made eye contact with Ryan Kesler...seriously!

After warm up we watched the awards ceremony, which was fantastic, and Taylor proudly sang the national anthem at the top of her lungs. We spent the rest of the game cheering our hearts out, jumping up with every goal, and dancing along with the music hoping to get our big moment on the Jumbotron, which unfortunately didn’t happen.

Both of us had such a great time. Thank-you again for this opportunity, it’s something we never would have been able to do without your generosity!


Chelsey Moore"

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