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The following is a collection of feedback collected from participants in our agency's Go Girls! and Game On! Group Mentoring Programs:

"This program made me feel really good about myself and learn things I knew was important but now I know I need things more than I realize like physical activity and healthy eating."

"This programs makes me feel more confidant about who I am."

"This program affected my eating habits and athletic habits. I am more active, eat healthier, am less of a couch potato and feel 100% better about me!"

"I liked Game On. It was fun."

"I got to know people in the group I never really talked to before. I got to spend time with my friends and I learned so much about healthy living. Doing Go Girls every Thursday has given me something to look forward to. It has motivated me to eat healthier and exercise more. I'm really glad I joined Go Girls. It was a great experience."

"[The leaders] were really funny and awesome. This program is an awesome program that I love!"

"I thought that the program was really fun, good to learn about things and great to find new friends."

"This program has been amazing. It's helped me build up my self-esteem and it taught me tons. I loved the activities and the leaders. This was an awesome experience."

"What I learned is how many servings of food to have a day and not to believe everything on T.V."

"I really enjoyed the great healthy food. I like everything about this program. I felt open and I can really be myself. I now try to eat more healthy and eat less junky food. I love everything."

"I think that the Game On Program is awesome and I don't want this to be the last day. It was fun."

"It has taught me that the way other people look at me and see me isn't all that counts. It's how you see yourself that's important. Physical activity can be fun and that you need to make sure you're active enough. You need to think in tough situations about what is right and what is wrong because you may be thinking the wrong thing."

"This program helped me make new friends and I found out that being healthy can be fun!"

"The activities are really fun and really cool. The leaders are really nice, generous, funny, bubbly and amazing. This helped me learn that you should treat yourself the way you want to be treated."

"I loved Go Girls and would really like to go again next year."

"This is a great program. I love how [the leaders] gave us tips about healthy living! They help solve problems too."

"I think that Go Girls should come to grade 8, it's too awesome to leave behind. I'm really sad I have to leave Go Girls but hopefully I'll see [the leaders and other participants] sometime in the future. I really liked the tips - they helped me learn stuff that I should improve or fix."

"I really thought the activities were fun. The leaders were cool!"

"The program taught me how to eat right and to trust some people. It's also shown me how I can be active and that a healthier lifestyle is better for you than sitting around and doing nothing."

"It was so fun, it made me active and you guys were fun."

"I think it was really fun and I loved the activates. Also the leaders are the bomb digity."

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