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Mom's Experience

Below is a story from a mother in our program. This is a story that she shared with us at a past Volunteer Appreciation event:

"When [a mentoring coordinator] asked me to do this, my first reaction was sheer terror. I don't do public speaking, but then I thought about it and my passion for Big Brothers got the better of my fear. I would like to thank Big Brothers for all the great things they've done, not only for my son, but for all the kids in their wonderful programs.

My son lost his dad when he was not quite three and not by design had mainly women as his role models in the early years. His daycare was done by women, his kindergarten and early schooling was mainly female. So we couldn't wait to get signed up for Big Brothers. From the very beginning even before he was matched the organization was inclusive. They invited him to the Christmas parties and game nights. Twyla put his name forward to Dreams Take Flight and he got to go to Disneyland for the day. This past summer they sponsored him for summer camp and he went to the camp he had hoped to attend with many of his friends from Youth Group at our church. These are events that he will remember and cherish his entire life.

Then the big day came and he was matched, unfortunately the first match wasn't quite right. But with communication and Twyla's patient understanding, the match was ended and neither my son nor the Big left the match feeling hurt. Thank goodness it wasn't too long before he was matched again and this time he was matched to an angel. His Big Brother has become an important part in both our lives.

As a single parent of a son, no matter how much I love him, there are just some things that, as a woman, I can't be part of in his life. I understand this because I was raised in a single parent home with the absent parent being my mother. I remember how much I longed to have my mother to talk to when I was having boyfriend problems, or the old dreaded "female problems", and when graduation time came, wishing that she was there to go shopping with. This is where the service provided by Big Brothers and Sisters is so important.

Over the past three years the time that Gary has stepped in and performed the role of male mentor has been countless. He intervened at the school on our behalf when Sean was facing some bullying issues. He is Sean's confidante and is very respectful of keeping those confidences. He shares in all Sean's joys and concerns. He shares his wisdom and helps to guide Sean through these discovering adolescent years. He shares his personal stories about growing up and tells him stories that a boy would normally only hear when a father and son are out of the hearing range of a mother. You know the ones, the really bad stories that are told in the hope that the child won't repeat the same behavior, but we all know that once they find out we did it, they think it's OK for them to do it. He has also give Sean the gift of an extended family by including him in family outings when his own family visits. These are such priceless gifts and they help mold a child into a caring and compassionate adult. I sets a groundwork for the type of parents that they may someday become.

In my son's words "there are no words to properly describe how great Big Brothers and Big Sisters are" and I agree with him. I would imagine that from the perspective if the Big it must be pretty rewarding and wonderful to play such an important role in a child's life. I know I for one would like to become more involved with this organization by becoming a Big Sister. They say that the reason most people volunteer is because someone asked them, well if you're enjoying your volunteer experience with Big Brothers and Sisters, share the experience with your friends by asking them to volunteer.

Finally I want to again thank the staff and the volunteers of Big Brothers and Sisters for being part of our lives.

Thank you.

Inge Smith"

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