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Ottawa Trip

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada hosted 100 youth in Ottawa in the spring of 2013 for the Social Innovators Youth Summit 2013. A few teens from our agency were selected and participated in this incredible, once in a lifetime trip. Below you will find feedback from two of our teens that went on the trip.

Teen no. 1:

"The Ottawa trip was awesome! My favorite part of the trip was when we sat down and opened our mind to discuss social issues that we cared about such as racism, child labor, drug abuse and environment. The greatest outcome that I learned from this trip was that "people don't care about what you do or how you do it, they care about why you do it." So it is belief that draws people together. As long as we believe in the change we can make to the society, we're able to work together to reach this common goal.

The experience was amazing. We learnt how to be a leader, how to take a step towards the change. And we've made a family there. We know that we're not alone because there are 99 others like us who believe in change, and we'll always support each other on their action plans.

This experience is so valuable and inspiration that it changed my beliefs. I wasn't aware of the unfair issues happening in our society. I didn't care much about them either. But after the Summit, I feel the responsibility to make this world a better place for those who are not treated as well as we've been treated in this democratic and supportive country. The Summit inspired us to be an active citizen because if we take a step towards change, there'll be others who believe in the same thing that follow the steps of ours. Step by step, the issues that used to bother us would be mollified. Knowing that one person could change the world was inspiring - imagine the 100 of us as a union! (Gevy)"

Teen no. 2:

"The trip was absolutely amazing and unforgettable. My favourite part of the Summit was meeting all the different people. We were all youths and Canadians but had such different stories and different cultures!  It broadened my eyes to all the multiculturalism and really amazed me. I even met a girl who had such different beliefs than me but I thought of her as such as beautiful person!

From the trip I learned who I am and became stronger. I learned that it doesn't take an army to create change but just one person. The act of change may be little but I learned that any step creates a difference.

Overall the experience was life changing. I met a group of people that I will never forget because in the end we all cared about each other and were family! This experience was very inspirational because it showed me there are problems in the world and no matter how much we ignore it or try to act like its not there, it will never go away and we need to change things! It inspired me to pursue my action plan so the future children don't grow up in poverty and abuse. (Katarina)"

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