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Our Volunteers' Quotes

"My match gives me the chance to see a little girl smile, laugh and have fun. It means a lot to me to be able to give her that enjoyment. She is a sweet little girl who was shy at first but now looks forward to our time together (and vice versa). I do this program to do what I can to make her life just a little bit brighter. (Jean)"

"I get as much out of being a Big as my Little sister. She is going on 17 and I have been matched with her for over 2 years. Together we have been on adventures neither of us would have done on our own. We had our first all girls camping weekend last summer. We paddled a canoe across a lake, just the two of us. We have discovered we both like live local hockey games, painting, walking a nature trail or staying home and watching a romantic movie with popcorn. Altogether it has been an enriching experience for all!"

"Thank you to all the ladies at Big Sisters! Just wanted to say thanks for all the support I've gotten from the agency. It felt really nice to be recognized and appreciated like that. Thank you! (Michelle)"

"I always look forward to Sundays. That is the day I normally see my Little Brother. It's amazing to see how much he changes in just seven days, but remains to be the same great guy. For the first few years it was my job to decide what we were going to do during our visit. Now it's [his] job and he's doing great with it! It really means a lot to me to be there for [my Little Brother] like my Big Brother was for me when I was his age. (Norman)"

"The reason I became a Big Sister was mainly because I wanted to give a little girl a role model to look up to as well as be a friend, the way my sister was to me. My Little Sister has taught me more than I've taught her, I think! She is very talkative and funny. We always laugh when we are together. I really enjoy being a Big Sister."

"I really enjoy the Big Sister Little Sister program - it has really opened my eyes to the type of fun relationship a 20-year old and a 14-year old could have. We always have a blast!"

"My initial reason for being a Big was because my daughter thought that I needed to be involved with children since my grandchildren live in Quebec. I have a sense of fulfillment and it definitely keeps me challenged. I have a good match. We are both interested in similar things. (Helen)"

I really enjoy seeing [my Little Brother] grow in almost every way: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I started out doing [mentoring] because I had some free time after a bad motorcycle accident. The first year was mainly a relationship building year and sometimes I felt like I was babysitting. But the second year has been much more rewarding. I have become a lot more intentional with our time, and that has been working out well. (Justin)"

"Thank you very much for choosing me for this award. I've worked very hard in high school balancing academics with extracurricular activities; it's great to be recognized for that. I really enjoyed my three years of mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the memories will always be special to me. Thank you very much. (Taryn)"

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