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Winning Entry

One of our agency's long term volunteers and agency board members, Jo-Anne Heinze, won a weekly prize in a contest from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada. The contest is part of the Alumni, sponsored by Keg Restaurants, and was entitled the"Search for the Great Canadian Big"

The following is Jo-Anne's winning entry:

"I have been a Big Sister in the traditional program for many years. I really enjoy the time I spend with my little sister Alyssa. We have been matched for two years and we will never forget the first day we spent together.

"For our first outing we decided to hang out at my place where we could play with the dog, plant some vegetables, and take a walk through the trails at the back of the property. We were both very nervous and were trying to be on our best behavior. Logan, my golden retriever was bouncing around us like a crazy dog but we didn't mind a bit, it was nice to have him as an ice breaker. Just when we hit one of those awkward moments of silence, wondering what to say next, Alyssa spotted our backyard pond. What a relief I thought, we can make small talk around the pond and I sent her on a hunt to find Nemo and Dorey, our two oldest goldfish. She screeched out with glee, there is a frog in your pond. Oh he's probably a friend of Nemo and Dorey I replied as I slowly sauntered over to the pond to take a look. Hunched over the pond together with our noses close to the water I chuckled and said, so where is this frog you found? As I followed the line of sight over her small outstretched arm the frog slowly came into focus. It is difficult to explain what I felt at that moment. I do know I fell apart and completely lost my composure. You see, this was no ordinary frog, it was a monster frog! It was a foot wide, had a very large mouth and was slimy green with warts. I screamed at the top of my lungs and ran off like a crazed women to get help. So much for first impressions.

We will never forget the first day we spent together, it was truly magical!"

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