America’s hat has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauties and culture. Lakes, mountains, museums, ice skating, casinos, and many other things. Indeed, when in Canada there is entertainment to go on for ages, for people who like to spend time on sites like, or for some who prefer history, or for ones who like to try traditional food.

If you are a newcomer or a tourist and are wondering which meal you should try next, then go through the following articles where we will explore some of the most iconic meals of the Great White North.    

Butter tarts

This is one of the tastiest traditional meals you can have. It is simple yet brilliant at the same time. The meal consists of flaky pastry shells that are filled with sugar, butter, and egg(s). If you are here as a tourist, there is no doubt you will miss these once you go back home.


If you are visiting Canada, chances are you will be drowning in these during your stay. Fries, cheese, and gravy are really an amazing combo and a basis for this meal, which is why it is renowned worldwide. Feel free to throw pork, or chicken to the mix as well, you will not be sorry.

Nova Scotian Lobster Rolls

Being such a massive country Canada has access to both the Atlantic and Pacific ocean, and by extent, it has awesome seafood menu. One of the things you should definitely try if you love seafood is Nova Scotian Lobster rolls. Made with east coast lobsters and served with fries, it should come as no surprise that this is one of their favourite dishes.   


If you are coming from Eastern Europe where bread is almost an integral part of each meal, then you will love bannock. There are two versions of bannock, baked, which is heavy and dense, and fried, which is crispy.

Saskatoon berry pie

If you love pie and deserts don’t forget to taste Saskatoon berry pie. Berries tend to have sweet but at the same time almondy taste. The town is famous after this dessert so if you have a sweet tooth this meal will be a perfect fit.

Montreal-style Bagels

If you are wondering how to start your day and what to eat for breakfast then Montreal-style bagels are the answer you seek. These are sweet, dense, thin, and baked in a fire oven, so if you love dough for breakfast, or brunch, you will absolutely adore these.


Deep fried dough, with variety of different toppings, like peanut butter or Nutella, covering its surface. They taste amazing, and it would be a darn shame if you do not try them while you are here.