The quality of life is to a great extent defined by how we spend our free time, or how much quality free time we have in the first place. In general, people refer to free time as the weekend, because this is when we spend time with our families, organize group activities and gathering, etc. However this is pretty much typical for any culture and for any holiday for that matter, yet we have free time during the week as well. Here we will focus on how people in Canada spend the rest of their day when they get back home from work.   

Browsing the web

Canucks really love to spend time online, in fact, they are the nation that has the highest internet usage per capita. Of course, saying browsing the web is incredibly vague as it can mean anything from shopping to education. Streaming services like Netflix are really popular here, so logically they love to watch movies and TV shows in their free time.

Another fact that suggests they love watching movies and TV shows are file sharing as Canadians do not shy away from admitting they tend to pirate stuff online. In addition to watching videos, shows, and movies, Canadians love to visit online casinos that have a Meridian Kazino Promotivni Kod or similar promotions, place bets online, watch E-sports or play online games, and shop.  


You can find luxurious casinos in Canada, some would say these are as classy as those you would see in Las Vegas. Of course, not all of the casinos are designed in such fashion, and when it comes to spending free time they will likely opt for those that are modest and on their way home or in their neighbourhood. Canucks love playing slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and poker.

As previously stated, they even visit online casinos, primarily because it is way more convenient to play that way during the week. The same games that are in the physical casinos are available online, and you also get to play with real people.   

Watching Sports

Hockey, football, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, curling, and baseball are just some of the sports Canadians are passionate about. They love to play sports and spectate them just as much. One thing that makes the spectating more engaging is placing bets, so they love to add some stakes while speculating the outcomes.

Sports like hockey are practiced from a very young age, and they even have high school and college team, which just goes to show how seriously they take it. As a nation, they invest in their athletes and love to show off their skills, so if they are not spending time online, sports is probably one of their most treasured activities.