Canada is regarded as an ideal place to live for a few reasons: a low rate of crime, great and stable economy, and fantastic weather. All of these things are possible through the unity of the Canadian citizens, and one of the main components maintaining this unity is sports.

Canadian sports scene covers a wide array of different activities, and much like any other nation Canadians love to show off their skill and physical prowess and also enjoy watching these spectacles. So, if you are passionate about sports, love to play them as a hobby or place bets on Campeonbet on your favourite teams, then you might find the following article to your liking.


It’s pretty obvious why this is the number one entry. It started back in the 19th century, it’s favoured across all ages and genders and it is an all-year-round sport. Some of the popular championships trophies worth mentioning are Memorial Cup (junior) and the Allan Cup (senior). Hockey Canada is the governing body of this sport, and Canadian teams also compete on international tournaments and events like Olympics. Hockey Canada is a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation, which show just how iconic a duo are Canada and Hockey.  


In 1859, it was declared a national game of Canada, then in 1994, it was declared a summer sport. Played by thousands and governed by the Canadian Lacrosse Association, this sport is held in high regard by the citizens. Back in 2006, Canada triumphed over the US in the finals, which broke their long 28-year winning streak.  


Not to be mixed up with soccer, football here is a gridiron sport where two teams of twelve players compete against one another. That being said, soccer is also really popular in Canada, almost as much as football.

The sport originated from rugby, and gradually evolved into so-called Canadian football. Professionals play in the Canadian Football League, whereas amateurs play in Football Canada Cup. One of the main national sensations is called the Grey Cup, and the spectacles beckon the citizens from all across the country. Much like hockey, it is played on both elementary school and high-school level.


Baseball has been played and loved in Canada for a very long time. In fact, one of the oldest baseball parks is in Ontario called Labatt Park. The governing body is based in Ottawa and it is called Baseball Canada. Canada has only one team competing in Major League, Toronto Blue Jays and their home games are played at the Rogers Centre.


Brought into Canada from Scotland, Curling has always been one of the favourite sports activities in the Great White North, particularly in  Prairie Provinces. The organization that serves as the governing body and that organizes championships is called Curling Canada. Tim Hortons Brier is the name of the national championship for man and Scotties Tournament of Hearts is the name of the national championship for women. It is one of the most popular sports on both school and college level, and it is where the best players are identified and asked to participate in the national cup.