Canada has become one of the most favourite countries where people decide to spend the rest of their lives. Due to the excellent living standards, high quality of life, low crime rate, and great inclusion initiatives people are eager to move here. People are drawn to this amazing country due to low costs of living, low rate on unemployment, good education, amazing health system, and friendly people. Here we will list some of the places that have become top favourites among immigrants.

Toronto, Ontario

Nearly 50% of Toronto’s population are immigrants! With 3 million people living here, this is the most populated city in Canada. Since so many people living and working, Toronto is the source of more than 50% of all manufactured products in the country.

If you haven’t found a job before moving to Toronto, there is no need to worry. The unemployment rate here is extremely low, and almost everyone is satisfied with their monthly incomes. In other words, you will settle in no time, and have firm ground beneath your feet. It also the main centre of all IT companies, so job opportunities can be found on every corner.

The city of Toronto is also famous for nurturing a high-quality of life through health, safety and innovation. What more could you ask for?

Calgary, Alberta

With 1.3 million people living in Calgary, it is the biggest city in Alberta and the third largest in Canada. In 2015 this city was the home of the highest number of millionaires per capita. The reason is its oil mining industry and booming business industry that consists of engineers, mechanics, and entrepreneurs. The crime rate is extremely low, making it a perfect place where you and your family will feel happy and safe.

Vancouver, British Columbia

South Asian and Chinese immigrant find Vancouver as their favourite go-to city in Canada. Around 650,000 people live in the area, making it vibrant but not over-crowded. If you think that you will be judged for not being proficient in English, think again. Vancouver is the most diverse town in British Columbia and Canada, with more than 50% of people being non-native speakers.

Being so close to the sea, it offers mesmerizing landscapes that will sweep you off your feet. Due to its incredible location, the housing prices are higher than in other cities, but it is compensated by the amount of personal income that this area is known for.

Montreal, Quebec

Nearly 1.8 million people live and work in Montreal, the largest city of Quebec. Almost 80% of people speak French, and this is the official language of the area. This is one of the greatest economic centres in Canada, and it is the home to many corporations like the National Bank of Canada, Air Canada, and The Canadian Space Agency.

Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and is one of the favourite cities that the Canadians choose for their retirement. It has one of the highest standards of living. The city is home to nearly a million people, where the most educated Canadians live. Not only in Canada, but also worldwide, this city is considered as one of the best places to live in.

The Silicon Valley of the North has Federal government as its main employer. Low-crime rate is something that Ottawa is proud of, as well as very high quality of life.