You might think that Canada is all about snow and maple syrup, and unsurprisingly you would only be partially wrong. Even though there is a lot of snow here, and Canada accounts for 80% of maple syrup production, the land is so much more than that. Canadia is a melting pot of different cultural values and therefore has a lot to offer in terms of arts, cuisine and also some of the best casinos in the world very similar to those in Las Vegas. If you want to visit or move to the Great White North, here is a short overview of what people do here for fun. Chance are you are already doing all these things for fun too and therefore would fit in perfectly.

Gaming and Gambling

Gambling accounts for a large portion of revenue in the state’s budget and it is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Canada. We are talking about much more than hunting for Bingo bonus codes. Canadians love to visit casinos, more specifically Casino de Montreal, Gateway Casino, or Casino Niagara. They also love to visit casinos online, from the comfort of their home. Furthermore, online casinos are more likely to have games that are not available in the real casino, or at least not in the one in the near vicinity.

Canadians also love sports, so betting on sports events brings additional layer excitement to the whole spectacle. This also applies for E-sports as they are popular here and the audience grows bigger each year.  


Canadians love to watch or play sports in their free time, even though who are not hardcore fans tend to enjoy watching games on TV when they have nothing better to do. Children take up sports as a hobby from a very young age, and sports on ice like hockey and curling are particularly interesting. Apart from ice sports, football and basketball are very popular among people here.  


There is a reason why Canada is mass producing maple syrup, it is because it tastes really good. You should try it on waffles, on a toast, on a beacon or anything else you would like, just fur fun, of course, you should also be careful with the calories intake, so don’t limit yourself to eating as your only source of entertainment here. There are other dishes you should try as well, like poutine, butter tart, Montreal bagels, and lobster rolls.

Enjoy the Winter

Here you will have an unforgettable winter experience, so make sure you do not spend all of your free time on ice-skating and skiing. If you want to have fun like a real Canuck during this time of the year, you need to go diving, regardless of how crazy it sounds. It sounds like the best recipe for a cold, but they really do it. Also, you can go fishing during winter as it is another treasured pass time activity.