If you are travelling to Toronto, and are thinking about the souvenirs you should bring back home, then you need to pick something that is quintessential to Canada. The idea is to bring back a portion of their culture, and at the same time pick the items your friends and family will appreciate. Here we will go over some of the best gifts that you can purchase in Toronto that simply scream Canada.

Maple Syrup

Let’s start with the low hanging fruit first. When someone mentions Canada we immediately think of Maple Syrup, it is basically right there in their flag. You can definitely find stylish bottles that serve as good decoration, but do not shy away from stocking on maple syrup especially if you like pancakes or waffles. This epitome of Canadian culture is also paired with bacon, and it is delicious, so make sure you give it a try.   

Canadian Club Whisky

Over the past few decades, the Great White North has also become famous for its whiskey. It would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to try this top-quality liquor and to share it with your friends back home, which is why it is a great gift. The roots of Canadian Club Whiskey date back to 1858 and 750ml bottle costs around $25.

Canadian Red Mittens

Anyone who follows sports events, and those who watched the Vancouver Olympic games back in 2010, must know about these Mittens, as they were everywhere during the games. Purchasing these also supports a good cause, since the funds go to the Canadian Olympic Foundation.   


Technically you don’t have to buy this, just bring home the money you did not spend. Canada has interesting coins and paper bills and many call it “funny money.” Due to their uniqueness they definitely qualify as a souvenir, so try to get all different coins to bring back home.  

First Nations Art

Many gift stores have figurines, wooden carvings, soapstone sculptures, paintings, and leather crafts that are modelled after the art of indigenous people. These are certainly unique and can make for a lovely decoration.  

Additionally, you can also buy beautiful Inukshuks figurines. These are modelled after the monuments that natives built once Europeans began to settle in. The purpose of these statues was to let the Europeans know they were the first ones here.   

Steamwhistle Beer

Along with maple syrup and whiskey, Toronto is filled with different beers, and Steamwhistle is one of their favourite local brands. You should definitely try it, and if you like to drink beer just as much as Canadians then you will not be disappointed. If you have friends who love beer, they will love this gift.    

Stuffed Moose, Bear, and Beaver

These are all majestic animals and the Great White North is their home. There are many different variations of these stuffed toys but you should try to get ones that are wearing the traditional mountain ranger attire. They can be a great gift for a kid, or a decoration for a game room, nursery, etc.