Most of the sports fans in Toronto aren’t exactly picky when they need to choose where they will watch hockey, football or baseball. All they need is a chair, a working TV, a pint of beer, Bet9ja Registration and sports fans who cheer for the same team. However, that does not mean that the setting plays no part in having a quality experience of the sports event. Widescreen TV, good sound system, comfortable chairs, and delicious snacks are all the ingredients needed to make the victory that much sweeter or cushion the blow of the defeat.

Luckily, Toronto has a number of places that beckon sports from all over the city, whenever a major sports event is being televised. Here are the top places to be when you want to enjoy a good match.   

Real Sports Bar & Grill

If you want to enjoy the game on the largest TV screen then head to Real Sports Bar & Grill as it boasts 199 HD TVs, and one of them is 39 feet! This place is highly revered and it was even voted as the number 1 sports bar of the Great White North, thanks to its interior, beer selection, and the ability to deliver a true indoor sports atmosphere.   

The Loose Moose

The bar is across the street of a Union Station and just a stone throw from Scotiabank Arena, so it’s unsurprising why this place is always filled up. They also have an admirable selection of beer, perhaps the best one in the city, and if you cannot attend the sports game at the stadium this bar might be the next best thing.

The Dock Ellis

If you love exquisite cuisine just as much as you love a good sports match then The Dock Ellis is where you want to be during the game. With craft-beer-only policy, a menu inspired by South African food, and interior decor acquired from indie retailers, this place is definitely more unique than the other entries on the list.    

The Football Factory

You guessed it, this is the place to go if you like to watch football and soccer. The place opens at 7 am, so if you are a hardcore fan who doesn’t want to miss anything this is where you need to be. It is a devoted bistro bar that goes above and beyond the regular pub menu, so for those of you who love a tasty snack with their game, there be a lot of options to choose from.  

Rally Sports Bar & Smokehouse

Welcome to a beloved east-end sports bar, where you get to watch all sorts of events from all over the world. The place is filled with TVs (40 of them) and loves to accommodate all sorts of sports fans. You will also have a chance to enjoy a slow-cooked southern barbecue, which is their specialty.  

Shark Club

One of the newly established places, yet it won the hearts of the sports fans all across Toronto. Thanks to its success on West Coast, Shark Club was voted two times as the best sports bar. It is really a top tier bar with a huge HD TV and over 50 smaller ones. Foods and drinks selection is also superb and the inside atmosphere is lively and positive.