One of the biggest treasures of any country or any part of the world is without any doubt the museums. So many people enjoy visiting them, and for a good reason; it’s fun to see the past. We can go on about how different people like to do different things for fun, say look for ways to complete the bet365 Uganda registration, perform songs in front of their significant others, or play games, but for the sake of this article, we’ll focus on something the majority of us and you (since you’re reading this article!) like – and that is going to museums.

For all the travellers out there who are museum-hunting here are a few Canadian museums that should be on your bucket list. Do you want to learn something new about this amazing country? Then you should check out these museums! If you find yourself in Canada these are the must-visit places:

Canadian Museum of History

For those who want to know more about 20,000 years of Canadian history, this museum is just the right place to visit. Founded in 1856, this Canadian museum will give you a unique opportunity to see some material objects that depict Canadian cultural diversity and human history. You can find this museum in the Hull area of Gatineau in Quebec. Here you can see 3 main exhibitions which are permanent:

  • The Grand Hall
  • The First Peoples Hall
  • The Canadian History Hall

Canadian Museum of Nature

Once called the National Museum of Natural Sciences, and now Canadian Museum of nature, this museum will tell you all you need to know about the natural history and natural sciences of Canada. This is the perfect place to visit when in Ontario if you are interested in Palaeontology, Zoology, Botany or Mineralogy. What remains accessible in this museum are 8 permanent exhibitions you can visit anytime:

  • Fossil Gallery
  • Water Gallery
  • Bird Gallery
  • Mammal Gallery
  • The Canada Goose Arctic Gallery
  • Nature Live
  • Earth Gallery
  • Landscapes of Canada Gardens

Take a tour to National Herbarium of Canada while in this museum to see several different plant collections of the Geological and Natural History Survey of Canada.

Canada Science and Technology Museum

Learn more about the scientific and technological Canadian history and the current association of technology, science and Canadian society in this wonderful museum. Find many permanent exhibitions in the main building as well as the famous “crazy kitchen” illusion room and have so much fun! If you are feeling techy and geeky on your trip to Canada, make this museum your next stop where you can discover their rich history of science and technology.

Royal Ontario Museum

When in Ontario make sure to check out this incredible museum of natural history, art, and world culture. In addition, it is one of the largest and the most visited museums in entire Canada. Explore its 40 galleries with art exhibitions, history collections, and a great collection of fossils. In fact, there are more than 6,000,000 items on display. If you love long walks and learning something new about Canada, this is the perfect touristic attraction for you!